Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Market First Day - 2010

The first day of Holiday Market at the Eugene Fairgrounds has officially come and gone. It was filled with vendors and artisans from one end of the building to the other. Lots of music playing and people meandering through the isles on their way to Grandmother's house they go, no doubt.
. . . And, on their way to Grandma's house, should they decide to pick up some groceries ('cause Grandma's on a fixed income), they should stop by and get some reusable cotton bags. Grandma would be so impressed. Not only that they brought some food to share, but that they were so environmentally aware - Grandma's spry, she gets it.

Hope to see you there over the next few weeks.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Prep for Holiday Market 2010

We spent some time putting up posters in Cottage Grove for the 2010 Holiday Market coming up in a couple weeks. We'd like to thank all the local business that allowed us to use their window space, etc. One in particular is InColor Gallery & Design. This shop has local artisans on display and certainly worth a stop by on 6th Street when your in town. Thanks Laura.

We'd love to see you stop by our last Saturday Market of the year this coming Saturday. We'll be there rain or shine, then off to the Holiday Market the following weekend. Check out our previous posts for our schedule. We've got some new products and will be decked out for the holiday season along with a ton of other vendors with great stuff to peruse for holiday gifts (or heck, even stuff for yourself).

As always, remember to Bring Your Own Bags to the market. We're off to our local market today and have our bags with us. See ya soon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday Market - 10/29/10

It's starting to wind down toward the end of the 2010 season at the Eugene Saturday Market, but that just means we're winding up to the Holiday Market. Then a chance to catch our collective breath and get ready for 2011 - hard to believe.

It was pre-Halloween fun and scary times this past Saturday. We almost had to run and hide from this very, very scary witch who wandered by. But, we stood our ground.

We always seem to hear some interesting stories about our bags, like how they're being used or where they've traveled to with their new parents, stuff like that. But here was one we sure didn't see coming. Our friend and neighbor at the market, Heather, had purchased a set of bags for her vegetable (and other grocery) shopping. She decided to leave here tomatoes in a bag when she stored them in the fridge. While her husband, Rick, was looking for something in the refrigerator, he saw the bag and got a bit puzzled. He asked Heather why she had pajamas for the tomatoes. Just another reason to get some Bzz Bags. You wouldn't want your veggies to have to sleep naked - its cold in there.

Thanks for the story Heather. You can find Heather at the Saturday Market or online at a few places - or and also on etsy at Great crafted wood stuff. We had to get one for a present recently.

Remember to bring your bags to the market everyone - BYOB.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Holiday Bags Preview

We're not putting these on the website for this season, but want to get some feedback at the Holiday Market in Eugene and see what happens. Here's a picture (by popular demand) of 3 of the bags we're going to introduce. The two on the left are gift bags and the taller one on the right is designed for a wine bottle, but we won't tell if you use them for something different.

I think the paper wrapping industry should be shaking in their paper rolls! Talk about easy to wrap - pull the drawstrings (we suggest putting the gift in first though) and stick a tag on it. Bet you could use these bags over for the rest of your lifetime if you wanted, but you'd have to get them back from your "giftee" to use them again - or, maybe they'll use them back to gift back to you the next year and they can travel back and forth as long as you keep liking each other enough to keep giving gifts - that would be your part. We'll be happy to just keep making bags and making sure their available to you.

If you can't make it to the market this year, just drop us an email and we can talk some turkey, but again, we'll keep these off of the website this season.

A reminder of where we'll be this season - we've decided to be there over 3 weekends for a total of 7 days. For two of the weekends we'll be right at the main entrance, easy to find. Our last weekend will be in the Holiday Hall.

Our dates at the Holiday Market are:
November 20 & 21
November 26, 27 & 28
December 18 & 19

Dang, a new way to Bring Your Own Bag - way cool.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Market - 9/18/10

It was a wet one this past Saturday at the Eugene Saturday Market, so it was nice to have our 10 x 10 space with built-in protection from the elements. If you live in Oregon and don't go out in the rain, you must be living in the wrong place. That being said, we had quite a few people who are living in the right place and many came by and visited, shopped and browsed. Thanks to all.

We continue to get ready for the upcoming Holiday Market, making cotton gift bags, wine bottle bags and other fun holiday things to add to the current shopping bag collection. Should be fun and make available something unique for those visiting the Holiday Market this year.

We look forward to seeing you at both Markets by the end of the year. Remember to take your own reusable shopping bags when you do your weekly grocery shopping. Visit us at the market or online or make your own, just BYOB. So far, this is the only planet available to us, so let's keep it for a long, long time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Saturday Market - 9/4/10

Great day to be out and about in Eugene on Saturday - as long as you missed the Ducks' Autzen Stadium traffic at game time. Crazy this time of year, but there're lots of other ways to get to where you want to go.

We keep gaining our customer base each Saturday and are so excited to see people going green in ways they didn't know they could before. Thanks to those who came by, considered and of course to those who spent a little green to be green.

By the way, when we went to the grocery store this weekend, the check insisted on weighing a bag and not including that in the weight of the products we were buying. You know, they weigh so little (about a quarter of an ounce) that we hate to see them go to the trouble, but as she explained, she's very into using less plastic and loves to see these come through the checkout. It's great to get the support and see people on board. Thanks Safeway lady.

We're working on our special Holiday Market products which will include wine bottle bags, gift bags and maybe some other surprises to add to our produce, bulk food and tote bags that we normally carry. I can hear Beth's Bernina working hard as I write this for her. She's all over it showing her dedication to improving how we treat our planet.

See next Saturday and/or at the Holiday Market. Hey, don't forget to check us out on our website too.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Market - 8/28/10

Lots of people this past weekend for a combination of the Saturday Market and the Eugene Celebration and parade . . . and yes, the characters were out. Here's a quick pic from the parade.

Just a reminder that we will be at the Holiday Market this year. See our last post for details of dates, etc.

Enjoy your week while you save up your dollars for more Bzz Bags next Saturday at the market. We'll see ya'll there.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Holiday Market Preview - 2010

Wanted to let everyone know that Bzz Bags will be at the Eugene Holiday Market this year. We've decided to be there over 3 weekends for a total of 7 days. For two of the weekends we'll be right at the main entrance, very cool. Our last weekend will be in the Holiday Hall. So, make sure to come by and say "hi" to us.

Our dates at the Holiday Market are:
November 20 & 21
November 26, 27 & 28
December 18 & 19

We are planning some different products like gift bags, wine bottle bags, jewelry bags. We'll be sharing a space with Kaige Walker who will offer jewelry and capes. Of course, we'll have plenty of our produce & bulk food bag sets, single bags as well as tote bag sets (bag-bags).

The Saturday Market this past weekend was great again, with perfect weather for all the vendors. Thank you so much for showing interest in helping to save the planet. Our bags are, what we feel, simply one piece to a huge puzzle. Do what you can and don't miss an opportunity to leave our Mother Earth better than how we entered into the mix. What a great gift we can give to our children and grandchildren and on and on. So - BYOB every week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday Market - 8/7/10

Just a tad on the warm side. Even though I said I wouldn't do a stand-in for the weather person anymore, it was hard to avoid the fact that (did I mention) it was warm. The Saturday Market area was probably a few degrees cooler than some other hot spots, so we are thankful for that. Still, lots of people came out to enjoy the company and hand-made products created by local vendors.

Always something new, even though we didn't get a picture this time, sinks made out of stone? Way cool, and you'll have to come in next week to find the vendor. And while you're here, you might as well stop by and see what new bag sets we've come up with for the week. Hey, you gotta have something to put your stuff in, right? Might as well be 100% cotton and reusable. Check them out at

Here's one we're working on this week - still in progress, pins and all. Be the first on your block to "bag" this baby. See you at the market next Saturday. Remember BYOB earth fans.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday Market - 7/31/2010

Already the last day of July, just can't believe it. What a beautiful day to finish off a great month at the Eugene Saturday Market. We had a lot of family stop by again and toured the vendors for fresh fruit, veggies, cool frozen fruit bars and, of course balloon creatures. Fun was had by all.

If you're one of the many who stopped by our booth to say hi and talk about saving the planet, thank you so much. We had lots of interest and some good discussions and I really think that is what will help us to turn the tide and help people to pay attention to what they can do to keep Mother Earth happy.

We're starting to get ready for the upcoming (not all that far away) Holiday Market and some new bag products to try out and see what ya'll think. Of course, we always consider special orders and this past weekend we had a few interesting ones that we will do our best to accommodate.

Hope everyone has a great stay-cool week and we'll see you next Saturday. Hey, did you take your reusable bags to the store this week? BYOB - cool, thanks.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday Market - 7/17/10

Gorgeous summer day in Eugene for the Saturday Market this past weekend. Lots of foot traffic and people enjoying the weather, the products and the entertainment that floods the market. We were excited to have some of our bags travel with their new families to other parts of the United States. Check them out if you head to Connecticut, I'm sure they are out shopping with their adopted family. We've also had some venture to Canada, South Carolina, New York (apple bags in the Big Apple???), California, Colorado. I guess with Canada, that makes us international. Thanks Saturday Market for the exposure.

We had a ton of family at the market this time, with an age range of about 60 years. Never too young or too old. So, come on down next weekend and have some fun in the sun. We'll "bee" there and lots of diverse products all around. Remember to BYOB when you go to the store this week. Use ours or whatever you've already got. What an easy way to make a positive impact on Mother Earth. She needs our help.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday Market - 6/3/2010

What a great weekend to be in Eugene with lots of activities including the market. Just a ton of people in and out of the Saturday Market, likely on their way to or from events around town. We even had the King and Queen stop by forgoing what I can only assume is their usual entourage, they stopped long enough for a quick photo op and to praise our collection of bags.

I think they might have seen our bags before online but not positive about that. Anyway, so good of them to stop by. See, you never know what you'll find at the Saturday Market, so you'd better make it next weekend.

We're dabbling with putting some products on etsy, so if that's a more comfortable place to shop, please check it out. It's still in process and pretty crude beginnings right now (making the formatting fit, etc.), but what the heck.

Did you take your bags to the store with you this week? If not, leave yourself a note and make it part of your shopping list. BYOB people. See ya next time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday Market - 6/26/2010

Lots of the community showed up to the market this weekend. Even saw most of our local family there to shop and get some locally grown produce. Nice to chat and help them find some good food and support the community. We had a lot of interest in our single bags - great for someone who just wants to spend a few bucks and start creating their repertoire of eco-friendly shopping experience bags. We've got a bunch of different fun looking bags to choose from.

Check them out online on our website, then come and visit them in person next weekend. We'll be there waiting to visit and answer any questions you may have. The weather is slated to be another great one for being outdoors and of course, supported your local vendors doing there best to stimulate our economy, starting right here in the Eugene area.

So see you this next weekend and remember to Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) when you do your grocery shopping. It feels great to help save the planet any way you can - in our case, one bag at a time.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday Market - 6/19/2010

Thanks to all of you who came to the market this past weekend. We had a new neighbor Saturday. She had tea of all kinds and we were able to sample all day. Caroline (The Tea Lady) was so kind to let us try and keep us hydrated.

Eaduard finally got a spot this week and looks like he has some new items to add to his hair sticks - he had some chop sticks. Very cool stuff. If you didn't stop by, make sure and be there next Saturday. Welcome to the world of the semi-permanent-maybe-will-be-there ground Eaduard.

We added single bags to our list of sellables this past weekend, so if you're in the market for just one bag instead of a whole set, we got 'em. We won't list those on the website, but it will just be a market thing, so stop by. As always, feel free to browse on the Bzz Bags website. You can buy there or just figure out what it is you want and stop in and see us at the market.

See you next blog, next market and/or online. Meanwhile, keep bringing your own bags to the store.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday Market - 6/12/2010

Another packed Saturday Market in Eugene this past weekend. I'd like to think it was all Bzz Bags, but likely some of the other great vendors and a little help from Mother Nature and the track and field activity at the U of O all had some impact too.

We had some great feedback from people who have purchased our bags in the past. I heard one lady telling another that she uses them every week and the checkers love them. Ahh, incentive to carry on. We love hearing that sort of stuff and good to know our products have a positive impact on the environment.

As if we weren't relaxed enough, here are a couple Zen-type-relaxing thing we encountered this weekend. Ahhhh or Ohmmm.

So, relax, be one with nature, use reusable resources (Bzz Bags - hint) and enjoy what we have and what our following generations will also be able to have. Later bag fans.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday Market - 6/5/2010

Another fun-filled Eugene Saturday Market. We moved back to our "usual" spot along the south edge of the market this week and enjoyed the green grass in front of us and the great June weather.

We keep our product moving, so you'll have to stop by and see what we have from before and what we've added. Here's a cool print that we don't have on the website yet, but we'll have for next weekend's market. We've got it mixed with a nice deep green leafy looking material that we think makes a nice set.

Short and sweet this week. Come on by and see us and remember to BYOB when you go shopping. Its something easy we can all do to help save the planet. See ya.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/29/2010

I feel like I've been the Saturday Market weather reporter lately, so this will be my attempt to ween myself off of that slippery slope. If you want to know, you'll just have to come on by on Saturday and be your own expert. But, since I'm weening, it wasn't cold and it wasn't wet. Now I feel complete.

We moved to a different, bigger location again this past weekend. I felt that we were kind of sandwiched in, so we'll move next time again. Always a trial and error process until we find a permanent home at some point. That said, we made some new friends and saw some "old" ones again. Nice to do some business with our friends from The Daily Bagel. Yummy good stuff there, you should check it out.

We were apparently camera shy this past Saturday so I'll just share something from the achieves and hope to see you next weekend or on our website. And remember, use reusable bags and bring them shopping with you - that's what they live for - BYOB. Later gator.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/22/2010

The season is buzzing by. I can't believe we're almost through with May. Next weekend should be interesting being Memorial Day weekend. This past Saturday at the Market was a little dryer than anticipated - really not bad at all. We set up Bzz Bags in a larger area than we usually do, to try it out. Had some new neighbors and it was fun meeting more folks.

This picture is from a couple weeks ago. Folks checking out clothing made by one of the vendors. Something for everyone, for sure.

I wanted to mention that our website has gotten a face lift of sorts. Come take a look and see what you think. We have a number of tote sets - we like to call them Bag-Bags - as well as updating our custom product fabric inventory divided out by types; animals, plant-life, designs and produce.

Enjoy wandering through our site. Make sure to come and wander by all the vendors next Saturday. Just to entice you, we'd love to give you $2 off on any of our bag sets. Just tell us that you saw us on our blog and remember this secret word for Saturday, May 29th - "BLUEBERRY" - shhhh. Don't tell anyone except for us when you stop by.

Remember to save a couple bucks next Saturday and especially remember to BYOB when you go to the store next time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/15/2010

Saturday Market now dives into its 41st year with the birthday celebration taking place for the 40th last week. And to celebrate, the weather was magnificent. Lots of musicians out and about Saturday also, and here's picture-proof. Didn't catch their group's name, but it was some good bluegrass and we sure appreciated them playing in front of our little space.

Again, a great turnout to enjoy the day, the local made-products, good food and enjoyable people-watching.

We sold a few sets of Bzz Bags which always makes us feel great knowing that more and more people are using reusable, recyclable materials to do their shopping. We see a number of people that have purchased our bags in the past and sure makes us happy to hear that they are taking them to the store each week. Thanks everyone.

We've mentioned before that we make custom bags too. We have made some bags for a local bagel store, a market vendor for hair sticks and have had recent requests for a cell phone bag and one for party gifts, so there are lots of fun, inventive was to find uses. But for us, the most important is to use bags as a replacement for plastic. We've found, in our house that our overall use of plastic has been reduced by about 90%. Just think, if everyone did that . . . So, make your own, find someone online or buy ours, but please remember to BYOB to the store.

See ya next time.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/8/2010

Saturday Market was exceptional this past weekend. Best weather this year and the turnout was a direct reflection. All the vendor spots were filled and people just poured in. Great people, great entertainment - what a fun mix for a weekend. Here's a shot of a dancing fairy (not her, in her left hand) and face painting. Fun stuff for the kids.

We're getting a lot of requests this year for custom bags and we love making them for specific situations. We've done some for hair sticks, for bagels, we have some for coffee beans and of course many sets for your grocery shopping bulk food and produce, either in sets or individual if you prefer.

Come by and say "hi" next Saturday and/or stop by our website and see what we have. (we pronounce it Bee's Bags, but call it whatever you want, just BYOB to the store). Help save our planet one bag at a time by using reusable cotton bags as an alternative to plastic in your daily adventures.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/1/2010

Almost blew away this weekend, but we held down the fort at the Saturday Market in Eugene. But it was a dry wind, thank you very much. Met a lot of people from out of town, many in for Sunday's Eugene Marathon. Great to see some of our bags and the message to reuse your shopping bags extend out of the valley.

Many vendors donated items for the raffle being held for Mother's Day next weekend, so make sure and be there and get something "free" for Mom. How cool is that?

Some come to the market this coming Saturday and remember to Bring Your Own Bags with you to throw in some great fresh local produce and artisan fun toys.

Eaduard is a vendor at the Saturday Market. He makes and sells some amazing looking hairsticks. He requested some custom bags from us and we obliged, so check them out along with his products. Here's a link to Eaduard's Etsy site online. Very cool and good luck Mr. E.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Market - 4/24/2010

Another good market day. I'd say fun in the sun, but dang, the wind made it a tad chilly today. Got a bit 'o rain too, yet still a number of hardy folks braved it all and we sure enjoyed seeing them.

One of the things I really enjoy is making new friends. The market has a lot of really great people showing their wares. Even if you don't want to buy anything, you should come out next weekend and enjoy the people. It really rejuvenates. Feels great.

Here's a picture from earlier in the season. Jammin' the Saturday Market.

We made a new partner through the market this past week. Srithip and her husband own The Daily Bagel in Eugene. She commissioned us to make some reusable cotton bags for her customers to carry home their bagels instead of using plastic bags. Great idea and we sure hope it works out well for so many reasons.

Till next time - and Bring Your Own Bags folks - we just happen to have some online.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Market - 4/17/2010

Another gorgeous day in Eugene this past Saturday and the Eugene Saturday Market had a ton of people taking it in. We seem to be creating more and more stir each week with our approach to helping save the planet, one bag at a time. As always it was great to see some old friends and new faces. We were not lacking in food, products or entertainment this weekend.

Now these fairies are just cute, no different way to slice it. But, if you stop by to purchase one of these from our neighboring vendor, make sure to stop in an a get a 100% cotton bag to carry it home in. Wouldn't want to get it dirty on the way home and hey, the bag is washable, so no problem.

As always, if you can't make it, let someone know about where we have all sorts of great fun fabrics to choose from or even get some custom made. All hand made in the US. See ya next go-around and remember to BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day Two Market 2010

What a beautiful day at the Eugene Saturday Market this past weekend. A little cool in the morning, but absolutely gorgeous as the day went on - and people came out in droves. Here's a shot of some the the day's entertainment with some very interested onlookers. How fun!

Great to see people flock to, and support local growers and craftspeople. Again lots to see, do, buy and eat. Great stuff. Come on out next weekend and we'll have more fun. Bring Your Own Bag and fill it up with vendors' items. Hey, forget your bag? Then stop by and see us first and get your reusable fun print bag for tons of different items. We have sets with totes too.

Did you visit us yet at BzzBags? See ya soon.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day One Market 2010

It finally arrived and it went fast. First Eugene Saturday Market is over. Sure want to thank everyone that braved the potential exciting weather. It really ended up being a pretty nice day with the exception of one downpour mid-afternoon which came equipped with wind. So we had it all; sun, rain, clouds, wind. Also had some great music traveling around so the senses were peaked for sure.

It was great to back in the saddle and see everyone again. No pictures this week, I didn't have an underwater camera and was afraid to risk mine for the event, but I'm assured we'll get some snaps next weekend.

Come on by and see us all next Saturday for day two and visit us at our website. Talk to ya'll soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First 2010 Saturday Market

Just about ready to kick it off again for 2010. The Eugene Saturday Market starts as fresh as spring on Saturday, April 3rd. Be there or be equal on four sides (that's a square). We got some new sets of bags and ready to kick it out. Join us and the rest of the troops as we brave the unknown Eugene weather early in the season. Should be a ton of energy - lots to do, see and buy.
This is a fabric we just brought back from Maui, just for you. Come on by and we can make a custom set, just like you want. See ya on the 3rd and any Saturday after that you want to come by. Just check the market schedule.