Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/15/2010

Saturday Market now dives into its 41st year with the birthday celebration taking place for the 40th last week. And to celebrate, the weather was magnificent. Lots of musicians out and about Saturday also, and here's picture-proof. Didn't catch their group's name, but it was some good bluegrass and we sure appreciated them playing in front of our little space.

Again, a great turnout to enjoy the day, the local made-products, good food and enjoyable people-watching.

We sold a few sets of Bzz Bags which always makes us feel great knowing that more and more people are using reusable, recyclable materials to do their shopping. We see a number of people that have purchased our bags in the past and sure makes us happy to hear that they are taking them to the store each week. Thanks everyone.

We've mentioned before that we make custom bags too. We have made some bags for a local bagel store, a market vendor for hair sticks and have had recent requests for a cell phone bag and one for party gifts, so there are lots of fun, inventive was to find uses. But for us, the most important is to use bags as a replacement for plastic. We've found, in our house that our overall use of plastic has been reduced by about 90%. Just think, if everyone did that . . . So, make your own, find someone online or buy ours, but please remember to BYOB to the store.

See ya next time.

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