Sunday, October 7, 2012

Eugene Saturday Market - 10-6-12

Another great day for market.  Indian-summerish and lots of friends.  Paula, it was great to see you again, we kept missing each other.  Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Oh, had some granddaughter help - that makes it special fun!  Thanks C.  Those flip-flops might have made for some cold toes until the summer came back after lunch.

We were packed. Saw a lot of University of Washington colors passing through, here, I'm sure, for the night game at Autzen - not to mention tons of Duck colors.  Quack.

I've got to remember to take some pictures next time.  I get caught up in all the people watching and talking to so many folks.

Thanks hubby for dropping me off and picking me and all my stuff up again.  It's nice living close.

See ya'll next time

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back at Market Again

It was great to be back at market this Saturday.  Took a few Saturdays off to move closer to town. Enjoyed seeing all my marketeer friends again and watching everyone enjoying the Saturday Market.  Met visitors from Fresno (Bulldog fans) roaming on game-day, and locals all feeling the approaching fall weather.  Nice to have my Granddaughter (Constance) and her friend Nan spend most of the day entertaining themselves and those around us.

If you didn't make it this past Saturday, you should get it on your calendar for the next few weekends.  I love the change in seasons and this is the time. Great weather, great friends, great time to be in Eugene - outside.  See ya soon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Market, 5/5/12

Amazing that we've had such nice weather for Saturday Markets this Spring, when there has been so much rain during the week.  We'll take it!!  Hope you have a chance to come by and see everyone.

Bzz Bags is in a new spot (about 40 feet away from where we used to be) this year.  Find us along West Park up the stairs, number 147.  Nice roomy spot, with great folks all around.  You can find a great site map with this link to Saturday Market.Map of the Park Blocks

We've got some new snack bag products that are great for kids and bigger human munchies as well as our other individual produce and tote bag sets.  Sweet stuff for buying all that great spring-type food.  Yummy.