Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Web Site Up and Running

Well, I'm not sure "up and running" is exactly correct, but it is functional. is finally a reality. Just having the opportunity to get the message out in a different format is really exciting. All of our various bag set combinations are up to date and available for purchase. I'm also thrilled to help anyone make their own shopping bags - the point is to use less plastic that fills up the landfill and stays there for years and years.
I've notice that there are a growing number of sites out there now that offer similar type bags for sale. Some of them are on my links here. I love it! I hope more and more show their faces and continue to help save our planet, one bag at a time. Remember to BYOB - bring your own bags - when you shop.

We're also going to have some animal only bags on - my sister-in-law's long standing site for animal preservation. Nothing like a picture of a tapir with a plastic bag in its mouth to make you want to keep this stuff out of the landfill.
Enjoy your bag journey helping keep our planet clean and alive for future generations. Thanks