Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Promoting BYOB

Here's a fun way to promote Bring Your Own Bag. Lots of us like to wear stuff that says how we feel. Well, dang it, I feel that we should bring our own bags to the grocery store and do what we can to save the planet. This is Bzz Bags way of saying how we feel - and we think it looks kinda cool too.

So jump on board and pick a shirt or a hat or whatever you find on our Cafe Press site we call BYOBzzBag. Have some fun with it, I know we have already. See you at the grocery store.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Market - Eugene 6/20

We had great weather this past Saturday for the Eugene Saturday Market. No rain, in the mid-60's with some sunshine peaking through every once in awhile. A little light on attendance this week, but lots of food, fun, music and good company. This is a great open air market venue with hand made items from around the state. Come on by and visit us or just listen to the music.

Here's a picture of one little corner of the market this past week. We had a small 4' booth and talked to a lot of people about using resuable bags and being good friends of the environment. Cool stuff. And another shot of some of the local musicians. We look forward to seeing you here next week.