Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Market - 8/28/10

Lots of people this past weekend for a combination of the Saturday Market and the Eugene Celebration and parade . . . and yes, the characters were out. Here's a quick pic from the parade.

Just a reminder that we will be at the Holiday Market this year. See our last post for details of dates, etc.

Enjoy your week while you save up your dollars for more Bzz Bags next Saturday at the market. We'll see ya'll there.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Holiday Market Preview - 2010

Wanted to let everyone know that Bzz Bags will be at the Eugene Holiday Market this year. We've decided to be there over 3 weekends for a total of 7 days. For two of the weekends we'll be right at the main entrance, very cool. Our last weekend will be in the Holiday Hall. So, make sure to come by and say "hi" to us.

Our dates at the Holiday Market are:
November 20 & 21
November 26, 27 & 28
December 18 & 19

We are planning some different products like gift bags, wine bottle bags, jewelry bags. We'll be sharing a space with Kaige Walker who will offer jewelry and capes. Of course, we'll have plenty of our produce & bulk food bag sets, single bags as well as tote bag sets (bag-bags).

The Saturday Market this past weekend was great again, with perfect weather for all the vendors. Thank you so much for showing interest in helping to save the planet. Our bags are, what we feel, simply one piece to a huge puzzle. Do what you can and don't miss an opportunity to leave our Mother Earth better than how we entered into the mix. What a great gift we can give to our children and grandchildren and on and on. So - BYOB every week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday Market - 8/7/10

Just a tad on the warm side. Even though I said I wouldn't do a stand-in for the weather person anymore, it was hard to avoid the fact that (did I mention) it was warm. The Saturday Market area was probably a few degrees cooler than some other hot spots, so we are thankful for that. Still, lots of people came out to enjoy the company and hand-made products created by local vendors.

Always something new, even though we didn't get a picture this time, sinks made out of stone? Way cool, and you'll have to come in next week to find the vendor. And while you're here, you might as well stop by and see what new bag sets we've come up with for the week. Hey, you gotta have something to put your stuff in, right? Might as well be 100% cotton and reusable. Check them out at

Here's one we're working on this week - still in progress, pins and all. Be the first on your block to "bag" this baby. See you at the market next Saturday. Remember BYOB earth fans.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday Market - 7/31/2010

Already the last day of July, just can't believe it. What a beautiful day to finish off a great month at the Eugene Saturday Market. We had a lot of family stop by again and toured the vendors for fresh fruit, veggies, cool frozen fruit bars and, of course balloon creatures. Fun was had by all.

If you're one of the many who stopped by our booth to say hi and talk about saving the planet, thank you so much. We had lots of interest and some good discussions and I really think that is what will help us to turn the tide and help people to pay attention to what they can do to keep Mother Earth happy.

We're starting to get ready for the upcoming (not all that far away) Holiday Market and some new bag products to try out and see what ya'll think. Of course, we always consider special orders and this past weekend we had a few interesting ones that we will do our best to accommodate.

Hope everyone has a great stay-cool week and we'll see you next Saturday. Hey, did you take your reusable bags to the store this week? BYOB - cool, thanks.