Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday Market - 10/29/10

It's starting to wind down toward the end of the 2010 season at the Eugene Saturday Market, but that just means we're winding up to the Holiday Market. Then a chance to catch our collective breath and get ready for 2011 - hard to believe.

It was pre-Halloween fun and scary times this past Saturday. We almost had to run and hide from this very, very scary witch who wandered by. But, we stood our ground.

We always seem to hear some interesting stories about our bags, like how they're being used or where they've traveled to with their new parents, stuff like that. But here was one we sure didn't see coming. Our friend and neighbor at the market, Heather, had purchased a set of bags for her vegetable (and other grocery) shopping. She decided to leave here tomatoes in a bag when she stored them in the fridge. While her husband, Rick, was looking for something in the refrigerator, he saw the bag and got a bit puzzled. He asked Heather why she had pajamas for the tomatoes. Just another reason to get some Bzz Bags. You wouldn't want your veggies to have to sleep naked - its cold in there.

Thanks for the story Heather. You can find Heather at the Saturday Market or online at a few places - or and also on etsy at Great crafted wood stuff. We had to get one for a present recently.

Remember to bring your bags to the market everyone - BYOB.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Holiday Bags Preview

We're not putting these on the website for this season, but want to get some feedback at the Holiday Market in Eugene and see what happens. Here's a picture (by popular demand) of 3 of the bags we're going to introduce. The two on the left are gift bags and the taller one on the right is designed for a wine bottle, but we won't tell if you use them for something different.

I think the paper wrapping industry should be shaking in their paper rolls! Talk about easy to wrap - pull the drawstrings (we suggest putting the gift in first though) and stick a tag on it. Bet you could use these bags over for the rest of your lifetime if you wanted, but you'd have to get them back from your "giftee" to use them again - or, maybe they'll use them back to gift back to you the next year and they can travel back and forth as long as you keep liking each other enough to keep giving gifts - that would be your part. We'll be happy to just keep making bags and making sure their available to you.

If you can't make it to the market this year, just drop us an email and we can talk some turkey, but again, we'll keep these off of the website this season.

A reminder of where we'll be this season - we've decided to be there over 3 weekends for a total of 7 days. For two of the weekends we'll be right at the main entrance, easy to find. Our last weekend will be in the Holiday Hall.

Our dates at the Holiday Market are:
November 20 & 21
November 26, 27 & 28
December 18 & 19

Dang, a new way to Bring Your Own Bag - way cool.