Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday Market - Eugene 9/26

Wow, what a beautiful day it was in Eugene this past Saturday. Saw some friends today taking in the sun and the atmosphere. As you can see, the flowers were out and about, walking around - with a little help.

We're going to be at the next two markets, then take a little vacation, but back for more later in October. Hope you don't miss us too much.

There was another home Ducks game this weekend and made for some more interesting traffic. But if you come down during game time, no problem, just escape before the end. Eugene doesn't sport much in the way of traffic, except . . .

We should have some organic bags ready to go on the website this coming week, so stop by online and check it out. What a great way to help save the planet. Its one you can do easily, one bag at a time. Reduce your use of plastic bags in the landfill - and its really fun with a ton of different patterns to choose from. See ya'll soon.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday Market - Eugene 9/19

No self-defined "good open market" would (or wood) be complete without a "tree guy" roaming the neighborhood. Just one of the many things you missed if you haven't been to the Saturday Market in Eugene. Lots of vendors sharing their talents, products and eccentricities. Now, this past Saturday was a little wet for the tree guy; he might have just grown roots.

But, we were there none-the-less and missed seeing you if you decided to stay home or go to the Oregon Duck game. Next time, stop by on your way to or from the game really support the area artisans and the green world. If you insist on staying home, then visit us here or on our Bzz Bags website.

Our organic bags are just around the corner and our cotton bulk food and produce bags are ready to start using today. Hey, have you put in your two cents worth yet on how to remember to bring your bags to the store? You can post your thoughts on our contest post.

See you next weekend, right?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday Market - Eugene 9/5

Dispersed in this post are pictures from the Eugene Celebration parade. I'll let you figure out what the heck they all mean . . . It was a wet day at the market this Saturday and not as much activity as we would have liked. The Eugene Celebration was going on at the same time and the parade was in the "back yard" of our booth.This year's theme was "Strange We Can Believe In," and no, I have no idea what that means, but it sure fits Eugene. But we weathered the storms and held the front lines - where were you? In the safety and dryness of your homes? I guess I can't blame you for that one. So come out and see us next weekend and we'll call it even.
Hey, don't forget to go to our contest post and help us figure out the best way to remember to bring your bags to the store. It only does good to have some if you use them. Gotta start changing the mindset and old habits (hope I didn't offend any nuns out there reading this). We just extended the contest to last through the end of October to makes sure we get a stockpile of great ideas. Next subject is organic bags. We're just about done with our first set and will have them up and available on our website - - in a week or so. These will cost a little more as the fabric is a bit pricier, but for those that find organic material important, it should be no problem. We're excited about being able to offer this new product along with all our other 100% cotton fabrics.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Never a dull moment in Eugene.