Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Market - 4/24/2010

Another good market day. I'd say fun in the sun, but dang, the wind made it a tad chilly today. Got a bit 'o rain too, yet still a number of hardy folks braved it all and we sure enjoyed seeing them.

One of the things I really enjoy is making new friends. The market has a lot of really great people showing their wares. Even if you don't want to buy anything, you should come out next weekend and enjoy the people. It really rejuvenates. Feels great.

Here's a picture from earlier in the season. Jammin' the Saturday Market.

We made a new partner through the market this past week. Srithip and her husband own The Daily Bagel in Eugene. She commissioned us to make some reusable cotton bags for her customers to carry home their bagels instead of using plastic bags. Great idea and we sure hope it works out well for so many reasons.

Till next time - and Bring Your Own Bags folks - we just happen to have some online.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Market - 4/17/2010

Another gorgeous day in Eugene this past Saturday and the Eugene Saturday Market had a ton of people taking it in. We seem to be creating more and more stir each week with our approach to helping save the planet, one bag at a time. As always it was great to see some old friends and new faces. We were not lacking in food, products or entertainment this weekend.

Now these fairies are just cute, no different way to slice it. But, if you stop by to purchase one of these from our neighboring vendor, make sure to stop in an a get a 100% cotton bag to carry it home in. Wouldn't want to get it dirty on the way home and hey, the bag is washable, so no problem.

As always, if you can't make it, let someone know about where we have all sorts of great fun fabrics to choose from or even get some custom made. All hand made in the US. See ya next go-around and remember to BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day Two Market 2010

What a beautiful day at the Eugene Saturday Market this past weekend. A little cool in the morning, but absolutely gorgeous as the day went on - and people came out in droves. Here's a shot of some the the day's entertainment with some very interested onlookers. How fun!

Great to see people flock to, and support local growers and craftspeople. Again lots to see, do, buy and eat. Great stuff. Come on out next weekend and we'll have more fun. Bring Your Own Bag and fill it up with vendors' items. Hey, forget your bag? Then stop by and see us first and get your reusable fun print bag for tons of different items. We have sets with totes too.

Did you visit us yet at BzzBags? See ya soon.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day One Market 2010

It finally arrived and it went fast. First Eugene Saturday Market is over. Sure want to thank everyone that braved the potential exciting weather. It really ended up being a pretty nice day with the exception of one downpour mid-afternoon which came equipped with wind. So we had it all; sun, rain, clouds, wind. Also had some great music traveling around so the senses were peaked for sure.

It was great to back in the saddle and see everyone again. No pictures this week, I didn't have an underwater camera and was afraid to risk mine for the event, but I'm assured we'll get some snaps next weekend.

Come on by and see us all next Saturday for day two and visit us at our website. Talk to ya'll soon.