Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/29/2010

I feel like I've been the Saturday Market weather reporter lately, so this will be my attempt to ween myself off of that slippery slope. If you want to know, you'll just have to come on by on Saturday and be your own expert. But, since I'm weening, it wasn't cold and it wasn't wet. Now I feel complete.

We moved to a different, bigger location again this past weekend. I felt that we were kind of sandwiched in, so we'll move next time again. Always a trial and error process until we find a permanent home at some point. That said, we made some new friends and saw some "old" ones again. Nice to do some business with our friends from The Daily Bagel. Yummy good stuff there, you should check it out.

We were apparently camera shy this past Saturday so I'll just share something from the achieves and hope to see you next weekend or on our website. And remember, use reusable bags and bring them shopping with you - that's what they live for - BYOB. Later gator.

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