Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/22/2010

The season is buzzing by. I can't believe we're almost through with May. Next weekend should be interesting being Memorial Day weekend. This past Saturday at the Market was a little dryer than anticipated - really not bad at all. We set up Bzz Bags in a larger area than we usually do, to try it out. Had some new neighbors and it was fun meeting more folks.

This picture is from a couple weeks ago. Folks checking out clothing made by one of the vendors. Something for everyone, for sure.

I wanted to mention that our website has gotten a face lift of sorts. Come take a look and see what you think. We have a number of tote sets - we like to call them Bag-Bags - as well as updating our custom product fabric inventory divided out by types; animals, plant-life, designs and produce.

Enjoy wandering through our site. Make sure to come and wander by all the vendors next Saturday. Just to entice you, we'd love to give you $2 off on any of our bag sets. Just tell us that you saw us on our blog and remember this secret word for Saturday, May 29th - "BLUEBERRY" - shhhh. Don't tell anyone except for us when you stop by.

Remember to save a couple bucks next Saturday and especially remember to BYOB when you go to the store next time.

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