Monday, May 3, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/1/2010

Almost blew away this weekend, but we held down the fort at the Saturday Market in Eugene. But it was a dry wind, thank you very much. Met a lot of people from out of town, many in for Sunday's Eugene Marathon. Great to see some of our bags and the message to reuse your shopping bags extend out of the valley.

Many vendors donated items for the raffle being held for Mother's Day next weekend, so make sure and be there and get something "free" for Mom. How cool is that?

Some come to the market this coming Saturday and remember to Bring Your Own Bags with you to throw in some great fresh local produce and artisan fun toys.

Eaduard is a vendor at the Saturday Market. He makes and sells some amazing looking hairsticks. He requested some custom bags from us and we obliged, so check them out along with his products. Here's a link to Eaduard's Etsy site online. Very cool and good luck Mr. E.

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