Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday Market - 6/3/2010

What a great weekend to be in Eugene with lots of activities including the market. Just a ton of people in and out of the Saturday Market, likely on their way to or from events around town. We even had the King and Queen stop by forgoing what I can only assume is their usual entourage, they stopped long enough for a quick photo op and to praise our collection of bags.

I think they might have seen our bags before online but not positive about that. Anyway, so good of them to stop by. See, you never know what you'll find at the Saturday Market, so you'd better make it next weekend.

We're dabbling with putting some products on etsy, so if that's a more comfortable place to shop, please check it out. It's still in process and pretty crude beginnings right now (making the formatting fit, etc.), but what the heck.

Did you take your bags to the store with you this week? If not, leave yourself a note and make it part of your shopping list. BYOB people. See ya next time.

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