Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday Market - 7/17/10

Gorgeous summer day in Eugene for the Saturday Market this past weekend. Lots of foot traffic and people enjoying the weather, the products and the entertainment that floods the market. We were excited to have some of our bags travel with their new families to other parts of the United States. Check them out if you head to Connecticut, I'm sure they are out shopping with their adopted family. We've also had some venture to Canada, South Carolina, New York (apple bags in the Big Apple???), California, Colorado. I guess with Canada, that makes us international. Thanks Saturday Market for the exposure.

We had a ton of family at the market this time, with an age range of about 60 years. Never too young or too old. So, come on down next weekend and have some fun in the sun. We'll "bee" there and lots of diverse products all around. Remember to BYOB when you go to the store this week. Use ours or whatever you've already got. What an easy way to make a positive impact on Mother Earth. She needs our help.

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