Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/29/2010

I feel like I've been the Saturday Market weather reporter lately, so this will be my attempt to ween myself off of that slippery slope. If you want to know, you'll just have to come on by on Saturday and be your own expert. But, since I'm weening, it wasn't cold and it wasn't wet. Now I feel complete.

We moved to a different, bigger location again this past weekend. I felt that we were kind of sandwiched in, so we'll move next time again. Always a trial and error process until we find a permanent home at some point. That said, we made some new friends and saw some "old" ones again. Nice to do some business with our friends from The Daily Bagel. Yummy good stuff there, you should check it out.

We were apparently camera shy this past Saturday so I'll just share something from the achieves and hope to see you next weekend or on our website. And remember, use reusable bags and bring them shopping with you - that's what they live for - BYOB. Later gator.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/22/2010

The season is buzzing by. I can't believe we're almost through with May. Next weekend should be interesting being Memorial Day weekend. This past Saturday at the Market was a little dryer than anticipated - really not bad at all. We set up Bzz Bags in a larger area than we usually do, to try it out. Had some new neighbors and it was fun meeting more folks.

This picture is from a couple weeks ago. Folks checking out clothing made by one of the vendors. Something for everyone, for sure.

I wanted to mention that our website has gotten a face lift of sorts. Come take a look and see what you think. We have a number of tote sets - we like to call them Bag-Bags - as well as updating our custom product fabric inventory divided out by types; animals, plant-life, designs and produce.

Enjoy wandering through our site. Make sure to come and wander by all the vendors next Saturday. Just to entice you, we'd love to give you $2 off on any of our bag sets. Just tell us that you saw us on our blog and remember this secret word for Saturday, May 29th - "BLUEBERRY" - shhhh. Don't tell anyone except for us when you stop by.

Remember to save a couple bucks next Saturday and especially remember to BYOB when you go to the store next time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/15/2010

Saturday Market now dives into its 41st year with the birthday celebration taking place for the 40th last week. And to celebrate, the weather was magnificent. Lots of musicians out and about Saturday also, and here's picture-proof. Didn't catch their group's name, but it was some good bluegrass and we sure appreciated them playing in front of our little space.

Again, a great turnout to enjoy the day, the local made-products, good food and enjoyable people-watching.

We sold a few sets of Bzz Bags which always makes us feel great knowing that more and more people are using reusable, recyclable materials to do their shopping. We see a number of people that have purchased our bags in the past and sure makes us happy to hear that they are taking them to the store each week. Thanks everyone.

We've mentioned before that we make custom bags too. We have made some bags for a local bagel store, a market vendor for hair sticks and have had recent requests for a cell phone bag and one for party gifts, so there are lots of fun, inventive was to find uses. But for us, the most important is to use bags as a replacement for plastic. We've found, in our house that our overall use of plastic has been reduced by about 90%. Just think, if everyone did that . . . So, make your own, find someone online or buy ours, but please remember to BYOB to the store.

See ya next time.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/8/2010

Saturday Market was exceptional this past weekend. Best weather this year and the turnout was a direct reflection. All the vendor spots were filled and people just poured in. Great people, great entertainment - what a fun mix for a weekend. Here's a shot of a dancing fairy (not her, in her left hand) and face painting. Fun stuff for the kids.

We're getting a lot of requests this year for custom bags and we love making them for specific situations. We've done some for hair sticks, for bagels, we have some for coffee beans and of course many sets for your grocery shopping bulk food and produce, either in sets or individual if you prefer.

Come by and say "hi" next Saturday and/or stop by our website and see what we have. (we pronounce it Bee's Bags, but call it whatever you want, just BYOB to the store). Help save our planet one bag at a time by using reusable cotton bags as an alternative to plastic in your daily adventures.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Saturday Market - 5/1/2010

Almost blew away this weekend, but we held down the fort at the Saturday Market in Eugene. But it was a dry wind, thank you very much. Met a lot of people from out of town, many in for Sunday's Eugene Marathon. Great to see some of our bags and the message to reuse your shopping bags extend out of the valley.

Many vendors donated items for the raffle being held for Mother's Day next weekend, so make sure and be there and get something "free" for Mom. How cool is that?

Some come to the market this coming Saturday and remember to Bring Your Own Bags with you to throw in some great fresh local produce and artisan fun toys.

Eaduard is a vendor at the Saturday Market. He makes and sells some amazing looking hairsticks. He requested some custom bags from us and we obliged, so check them out along with his products. Here's a link to Eaduard's Etsy site online. Very cool and good luck Mr. E.