Friday, July 31, 2009

Plant to Help Pollinate

Here's a test. What kind of plant do you think this is. Is it under water? Is it from a rain forest?

Okay, we'll pull the picture back a little and see if this helps.

Give up? Well, first of all, the bees love them when you let them bloom, but you've given up a good meal for it, so your decision. If you just let them go, the artichoke plants have a unique bloom and the pollinators seem to love it. So from our garden, to you your computer - the blooming artichoke.
Here's a couple more plants that the critters love. Remember, if we didn't have pollinating critters, there would be no need for Bzz Bags, because you wouldn't have any good food stuff to put in them.

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tapirgal said...

Oh, man. These are gorgeous. I had no idea about the artichokes! I knew they flowered, but I didn't kwow they looked this good!