Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Market

Summer's here in Eugene, Oregon. Our Saturday Market was at about 94 degrees today. Hey, this is why we moved away from the desert!!! Oh, well, we also moved here because we love the seasons, so much to my dismay, summer is a season too. Here's a quick shot of people waiting at the start of the Saturday Market on July 4th.

In addition to crafts and other hand-made items (like Bzz Bags), they have some great food and a large locally grown fresh produce area. This picture shows where we sign up in the AM, and behind that is the produce section. We set up off to the left around a grassy area this time.

Hope to see you next week. Come on by, we've request slightly cooler weather for that weekend.

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tapirgal said...

I agree with you about summer. It's fun to see your posts. Keep up the good work! (With the bags, too :)