Monday, October 26, 2009

Fairies' Arrival

We just got back from Southern California and took some Bzz Bags time, to find some great new fabrics for our bags. B can't wait to start working on the new Bug-Eyed Fairies. Way cute.

Keep an eye out for them on the website soon. In the meantime, come on by and see us this Saturday at the Eugene Saturday Market. It'll be good to get back after a couple weeks away and see our new old friends and we plan to make some new ones. Don't forget to get your bags out of the drawer and take them with you to the store. They don't do any good unless you take them with, so make sure they are #1 on your shopping list.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not at the Market

We will not be at the Saturday Market for two Saturdays this month. The Bzz needs a rest and a chance to pick up some new material, so off we go to the deep south (of California). We'll miss the rain and the people, but we'll be back on the 31st, so make sure to stop by.

Not much new to share this week, but we will most likely have some new fabrics to add to the arsenal, so keep a close eye on our website for the latest.
Pictured here is our 6-bag set of Earth Day Jungle. This is fun and colorful set as you can see. Come on by or check it on the web.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Market - 10/10

Another market day come and gone. Good turnout on a day that required some patients to get the sun up and started. Eventually the coffee kicked in and the sun and people got more active. Thank you to those that came out - no Duck game to compete with in town this time.

Wanted to take a second and introduce our Bzz Bags coffee bean bag - one of our newer family members. As with all of our other bags, it is 100% cotton with an elastic band at the mouth of the bag for easy access. Just need to wrap a tie (supplied by the store) to the top with the product number. We reuse our tie a number of times to create less waste that way too.

So join the recycle, save and BYOB generation. One way is through our website at Another is to stop by the Saturday Market in Eugene and see us. Heck, make your own or find another vendor online, just do it (sorry Nike).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday Market - Eugene 10/3

Summer has left us, as you could see Saturday with the change of leaves, cooler weather and a Saturday Market that had most of the Oregon Duck football team cruising through. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the team as we were still setting up to help save the planet one bag at a time. Not a bad turnout with rain predicted that never really materialized. We had a few droplets, but that was about it. The wind made it a little chilly, but it really didn't deter the market fans. So if you came out, thank you.

We wanted to share a picture of our newest set of bags to the Bzz Bag family. These are organic material. We'll be selling them in a set a seen here as well as individually - in two sizes. Take a look later this week on our website. We should have it updated by mid-week to include the new bags. I know a lot of people are really interested in using organic materials, so this is very exciting for us. Please visit us next Saturday or check it out online.