Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday Market - Eugene 10/3

Summer has left us, as you could see Saturday with the change of leaves, cooler weather and a Saturday Market that had most of the Oregon Duck football team cruising through. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the team as we were still setting up to help save the planet one bag at a time. Not a bad turnout with rain predicted that never really materialized. We had a few droplets, but that was about it. The wind made it a little chilly, but it really didn't deter the market fans. So if you came out, thank you.

We wanted to share a picture of our newest set of bags to the Bzz Bag family. These are organic material. We'll be selling them in a set a seen here as well as individually - in two sizes. Take a look later this week on our website. We should have it updated by mid-week to include the new bags. I know a lot of people are really interested in using organic materials, so this is very exciting for us. Please visit us next Saturday or check it out online.

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