Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pollinators Partnership, Bzz Bags & Cottage Grove Growers Market

Bzz Bags is proud to be a supporter of The Pollinators Partnership. Pollinators are birds, bees, butterflies, mosquitoes, beetles and bats that help transfer pollen between seed plants. Recently, I became aware of what has been dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) which refers to honey bee colonies around the world that have been mysteriously disappearing. Remember that many (nearly 80%) of the world's crops require pollination. So, its a big deal if it doesn't get done and we certainly rely on nature to do its part.

When Bzz Bags begins to market our produce and bulk food bags, planned for the beginning of summer in our "home town" of Cottage Grove, a portion of our profits will be donated to this group and a cause that certainly gives us pause and concern.

So, feel free to join us in Cottage Grove in Oregon on Wednesdays in the park downtown (Coiner Park) starting June 25th. The first week happens to coincide with National Pollinators' Week, which is recognized in many states - Oregon currently is an exception. I have written to Governor Kulongoske to request that Oregon jump on the bandwagon, but either way, I will be giving my support and would love to have yours. In addition to Bzz Bags, there will be many local growers and artisans along with live music. I will be there each Wednesday throughout the summer, so come on by and have some fun and maybe even help save the planet . . . one bag at a time.

The weekly events are a combination of "Concerts in the Park" and "Cottage Grove Growers' Market." Remember Wednesdays throughout the summer - late afternoon through early evening - 4PM to 8 PM. Have some fun, get some good deals and great locally grown produce, oh and save the world.

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