Friday, April 8, 2011

Saturday Market - 4/2/11

Just missed April Fool's for our first day of market for 2011. But, no fooling, it was a great day for sure. So nice to see everyone again. We didn't even get washed away so early in the season. Had some rain, but mostly sun and fun.

Our granddaughter, Lil was on hand and had fun petting and holding a bunny. Just one of the tons of things going on. I think her favorite thing was scoping out the bags that her grandma makes and sells at the market, but that's just my perspective (might be wrong). She ended up taking home a pet skunk - not a real one though - a little stuffed animal. Cute and doesn't smell as much - easier to take care of.

Hey, there's something for everyone, plenty for the kids to do and see. Good food, good people, good grief, come on down. See ya this Saturday, yes? And hey, if you forget to bring your own bag, just stop by and see Bzz Bags, we can help out with that one.