Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last Bzz Bags Saturday Market for 2009

It's been a great first year for us at the Saturday Market in Eugene. We'd like to thank the team that coordinates the event and allowed us to be a part. We were unable to attend this weekend due to being a bit under the weather, so sorry if you came by. But remember to come visit the Bzz Bags website - because I know you'll miss us.

Beth is working on some new combinations of tote bags (we like to call them Bzz Bags' bags for bags - 4Bs) with coordinated bulk food and produce bags. The first tests look very cool and work well for sure. We'll get some pictures of them here and on the website soon, but for now, here's one under construction.

Just wanted to thank everyone who was motivated to either buy our product or make their own in an effort to help save our planet one bag at a time. Remember to BYOB every time you go to the store. After you've done it 6 or 7 times, it starts becoming routine and you'd feel like you were missing something if you didn't pack them up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at Saturday Market

Well if you think we folk at the Saturday Market in Eugene are weird, you should have been there on Halloween; yep even weirder if that is possible. What fun. In my attempt to do my "homework" by taking pictures, I can honestly say that my dog ate my homework.

Great strange story, but here is. About a year ago, with three dogs, two of them puppies at the time, we went to our son's graduation from the police academy in Salem. When we got home, we couldn't find our Exilim camera. It remained lost for at least two months. We found it in the backyard at our house under some straw. It had chew marks on it, but surprisingly enough, it still worked! But who was the evil doer (yes this could be a Halloween story for sure)?

After a bit, we decided to see the pictures from the graduation and what do you know, there were now three additional pictures at the end. Two pointed straight up at some trees in the backyard and one more - the one picture that would hold up in puppy court - the side of a red face. Only one of the dogs is red, so, busted! Its a little out of focus, but we're thinking about getting her some formal training.
The camera worked fine for about the next year, then last week - certain death. A new camera is on the way and I promise to get more pictures once it arrives. Until then, enjoy this shot of the Evil Eleanore probably tired after eating a phone or something. It took time, but eventually the dog ate my homework.
Come visit the Bzz Bags' website and help support our camera recovery program